Press Releases

Press Conference Media and Events

As we work toward the opening of the Center we are promoting a Series of events and more.  Then, once all the pieces are in place, Sci-Tech will announce its plans to the Media as part of the evolutionary goal of creating the “World of Tomorrow” Edutainment Park.

Investment Opportunity and ROI

Land Purchase

Sci Tech expects to create a Partnership on the former HV Tech Campus on Rt 84 in East Fishkill. Here, American Sci-Tech Center would coordinate the operations with over 500,000 sq. ft. of existing commercial space.

Investment Opportunity and ROI

This “Smarter/Future-World” represents a multibillion dollar opportunity for Investors with a valuable return on investment/solution to create jobs and bring many people to the local area thus supporting the Tri-State Region consistent with other ventures.

Objective and Shared Mission

The American Sci-Tech Center organization sees a lot of parallels between our collective stated missions and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could partner with others. Since our last phase, the organization has been developing plans and programs for a new physical center to raise the standard for STEAM elementary education model.  STEAM represents, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We strongly believe that in order to bring America back to prominence in this arena, the foundation to educate the needed Workforce of the future starts right here.

Partnerships and Stakeholders

A series of dynamic partnerships is available upon demand!  And since small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, they too could benefit from a farm system/pipeline of trained employees. The proposed American Science and Tech Center partnership could build the foundation for our future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Mathematicians, IT experts and more which in turn would fuel the Economy to ensure America’s future.

New Web Site

The revamp of our website will include Sponsorship and other material from your organization in our videos, website and more.  Documentation and images of many of the projects will be available on ASTC's website at:

Final Word

There has never been a greater need or a more exciting place to restore the American Global Scientific and Technical Edge. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner to move forward with this important project.