Real and Virtual approach

One side of The World of Tomorrow is Online and the other is a Physical destination. 

Both our Virtual and Real approaches offer fun learning and imagination in a series of unique and interactive experiences.

Having one part online and the other part is brick and mortar allows access to everyone. 

Both represent fun learning where visitors can earn a Certificate and advance in Rank as a Starship Officer and also receive fun prizes.


Destination Virtual Gallery

Within the Future World Destination there will be a Virtual Gallery that will surpass anything visitors have ever seen.


Where do you want to go today?

Visitors can purchase our special VR Goggles for their smart phones. 
This will allow for a series of Virtual and Augmented Reality tours to anywhere in our world or the Universe.


Real and Virtual Sustainability

The World of Tomorrow with its combination of indoor/outdoor/online operation will be sustainable. 
Included will be our new Headquarters, Development offices and Film studios.