High Concept- The World of Tomorrow


One side of our operation is Online and the other is a Physical destination. Both our Virtual and Real approaches offer fun learning and imagination in a series of unique and interactive experiences.


Preparing for the Future

In the future, America will be defined by our Innovation. This means that we must prepare for jobs of the future. Many of these do not exist such as Cyberterrorism, Robotics and more.

Unique Virtual and Real World Class Destination

Having one part online and the other part is brick and mortar allows access to everyone. Both represent fun learning where visitors can earn a certificate and advance in rank as well as receive fun prizes.



ASTC seeks to elevate Science and Technology with the creation of the “World of Tomorrow”... a “Disneyesque” Edutainment Center designed to recapture the imagination of all ages and provide a ground breaking educational experience.

The World of Tomorrow is an Economic Driver for the NY – Tri State region and beyond!



Where do you want to go today?

Visitors can purchase our special sci-tech vr goggles for their smart phones. This will allow for a series of virtual and augmented reality tours to anywhere in our world or the universe.

The Importance of Education

However the US ranks 26th in the World in Science and Math and 30th in Education requiring action to be taken to regain an edge and restore U.S. leadership.


Physical Destination

Ideally the Sci-Tech “World of Tomorrow” Destination will be a unifying force to tie together the Consortium and possibly even surpass the Cornell Tech Center on Roosevelt Island in NYC. Among other aspects, our enhanced concept would combine the P-Tech program that includes a community college (DCC) and a four year school such as SUNY Polytechnic Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. Thinking outside the box again, Our For-Profit and Franchise aspects, as well as our proposed bus tours, would also align well with other local sites that would benefit from additional traffic that we would attract.


Hudson Valley Campus Concept

Our unique plan is to create a “One-Stop Educational Campus” that’s main function is to prepare students at all levels for careers in STEAM.


Innovation and Technology Driver

Thus, our unique creation will serve American students K - College in order to help America create the expertise needed to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century.