Online Educational Programs and Learning Packets

Easy to use Educational Packages with Certificates of Achievement will be offered online for a World Wide audience.

They will be powered by our Artificial Intelligence algorithm and thus intuitive to allow visitors to be self propelled. 


Educational Courses

Sci – Tech uses use a proven Neuroscientific approach for guaranteed success.

Included are articles on how to learn based on a 4 step process.

Even if you have failed before we guarantee success.


Real World Approach

We will use a Kahn Academy approach but with real world examples and demonstrations.

Recordings of our success stories will be posted on our web site.


Destination Offerings

Once the new Center is open, and by partnering with Sylvan Learning Centers, we will create a modern day version of “Baby Einstein” but for all age groups.


Transformative Programs

Phase I ofthe “World of Tomorrow” project would transform an abandoned property in perpetuity, into a vibrant Commercial Enterprise that would create jobs, tax revenue and a much needed jolt to the local economy.

Long Range our vision introduces a Franchise Model including many programs that would enhance our concept by adding Centers for Innovation.

These would serve all ages groups geared including inner city/disadvantaged youths and the implementation of the STEAM curriculum.