Preface - The Secret to 21st Century Jobs and the Economy

The Importance of Using your Brain

  • According to Warren Buffet “People need to know how to make money in their sleep”.
  • Or as an old adage states  “there is just so much money you can make with your hands but no limit to how much you can make with your Brain”.

Unique Designs

  • Preface - Indoor and Outdoor mixed use development
  • World of Tomorrow Circular Design
  • Former Hudson Valley Tech Campus
  • Partnership with Legoland Theme Park in Goshen NY
  • Other Park Concepts

State of the Art Features

Main Features

  • Educational enhancement
  • Environmental studies.
  • Wonders of science traveling show (existing)
  • Technology – interactive experiences.
  • Hudson Valley history & cultural exhibits.

Other Unique Features

  • Conference center.
  • An imaginative place for meetings
  • Inspirers a sense of community ownership.
  • I MAX or 4 D theater.
  • Research center.
  • Think-tank initiative.

Powerful Business Model for the 21st Century

Jobs of the Future
In the future America will be defined by its Innovation. That means many of the jobs will rely on High tech jobs in the field of steam (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).
However it has been said that no one can predict the Future but current trends suggest that future jobs and Innovation may suggest among many others:

  • Cyber terrorism
  • Androids
  • High Tech manufacturing
  • Drones and Flying Cars
  • Climate Change Science

Workforce of The 21st Century Our research indicates a common theme regarding this problem; the urgent need for a comprehensive workforce development model.  Among many other advantages, this would support a continuum of education and powerful training model necessary to build the foundations of a skilled technology workforce for today’s global economy.

A Powerful Business Model for others This concept would be a model for future schools across the country, if not the world. Major Corporations and small businesses would greatly benefit from a K – College training system, knowing that they will get well trained qualified workers. These companies are partners, who would provide funding, curriculum recommendations and mentoring programs between their employees and the students at the different campus schools.