Captain Holt in the Wonders of Science Travelling Show


Traveling Program

Our traveling extravaganza, the wonders of science, is available today. This program is suitable for children and adults of all ages. It is the same show we will feature in the spaceship discovery science and technology center. Demonstrations include:



For Teachers
to ensure its effectiveness as a learning experience, this program is much more than a show! Teachers are provided with materials to prepare children in advance of the show, as well as an activity kit to extend the experience afterward. Call or email us for more details and to bring the wonders of science to your school or organization!



The Power of Education

People want to learn. When learning occurs, our quality of life becomes appreciably better. Learning encourages empowerment, and it enables people to make decisions based on understanding. Spaceship discovery is a place where people of all ages can learn and grow. They will see first-hand the way science works in our lives and they will have the opportunity to use their imaginations, thinking skills, observation skills, and many other abilities to synthesize the world around them.



Bccoming Involved

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