Vision Statement

The American Sci-Tech “Future World” is a fully Interactive 21st Century Innovation Center and High-Tech Showcase; to explore the Past, discover the Present, and create the Future. This World Class Physical and Virtual destinations are a brilliant and almost a Magical concept that will inspire and spark the imagination of all ages. Every visitor will be struck with awe with enhanced cultural and educational opportunities. It will cultivate the talents and interests of all generations, while transforming them into the bright stars of the Future.



Mission Statement

We invite you to participate in a Philanthropic endeavor which will enhance the World in which we live Globally, Nationally and Regionally. With unique sustainable Physical and Virtual investment opportunities it will promote Business, create Tourism and prepare for the High-Tech Jobs of the Future. It is sure to unite America and the World in an effort to establish a unique Proof of Concept while contributing to the betterment of life on Planet Earth.


Extended Vision


The focus of “Future World” is to create an innovative learning Global resource. To provide the tools and inspiration to ensure the path to a better life for present and future civilizations including the lifelong exploration of Nature and Humanity. It has been said, “what you do for yourself dies with you; but what you do for others is immortal.”




Phase I – New York’s Hudson Valley

As a first phase we will develop a 140,000 square foot ‘state-of-the-art’ facility located in the heart of NYS’s Hudson Valley. This facility will be brimming with creative, innovative, hands-on opportunities which will enhance the educational experience for all ages. Complementary goals for this project are to boost the economy of New York, attract tourism to the Hudson valley, and support the education of our community’s children.




Extended Mission

We intend to make the American Science and Technology center a world-class destination on everyone’s list of places to visit. Our displays and programs will appeal to the innate curiosity that we all possess, through state-of-the-art technology and hands on activities that will bring science to life for all of our visitors.


Phase II – United States Franchise Models

As part of our Master Plan and even before the New York Model is finalized we will seek to create a series of Franchise Investment opportunities in every major city in the US.




Phase III - Worldwide Franchise Models

Simultaneous with the United States models we expect to offer worldwide locations that represent the wide variety of cultures in the world.