Message from the President


On behalf of the Board of Directors and Advisors we welcome you to the American Science and Technology Center (Sci-Tech). Our latest phase is code named SCI TECH WORLD.

It represents both a Physical Destination for the Tri-State Region and beyond as well as a Virtual online presence for a World Wide Experience.

SCI TECH WORLD with its unique “Edutainment” approach will greatly compliment the many already existing tourist venues in the Beautiful Hudson Valley.

This Gateway to the Hudson Valley represents our heritage and our Future: Vision, Knowledge, Inventiveness and Commitment create beautiful and important things that improve lives on Planet Earth.

Even before we open SCI TECH WORLD will offer visitors a virtual tour and an open, personal invitation to pursue your active or latent interest in what happens within you and around you, and your role in it.

So if you choose a Real or Virtual tour Science and Life on Planet earth will be displayed on large High Definition screens. That way real life scenarios will play out for your enjoyment and discovery. That way we can help to foster the opportunity to help others with your involvement..

We hope to see you in the near future………
Floyd T. Holt



Letter from the Chair of the Board       

Hello All,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about American Science and Technology Center Partnership. How timely is it that as I write this message to you since global rankings of Science and Math education (among other subjects) were just released.

Consistent with past years, the United States continues to lag behind, ranking number 36 in math education and equally unimpressive in Science and other areas.

This State of Education is an issue for a number of reasons: Not only is there the implication of the U.S. declining as a competitor in the global economy as a country, but more specifically the lack of educational attainment means fewer job opportunities in America.

The American Science and Technology Partnership is designed to recapture the spirit of America and proactively elevate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education to propel the country forward.

There is no question that the jobs of the future will require strong education in these subjects —and if Americans are not pursuing education in these areas the American economy will falter; and the ability to find gainful employment in this country will be at risk.

American Sci-Tech’s primary goal is to promote and revitalize a national interest in Science Education through a Physical Interactive educational site, a national TV program and web-based educational tools.

By choosing to support American Sci-Tech at any level of investment, you can help be part of this effort to restore American economic opportunity.

Jennifer Henion - Chair of the Board
Procter & Gamble