Interactive Physical Displays

We will recognize all of those who have made significant contributions during every Destination Offsite or Video event via a series of Touch screen displays that will depict the Image, History and contribution of each.


Virtual Online Access

An international audience will have access to the Video, 3D Holographic or Virtual Reality animations for our Team Members, Supporters, Investors and all others who have contributed to our concept.



None of our former Museums or Events would be possible without the help and support of our Talented Team members. It would be impossible to list them all here but over time they will appear on our new web site. For this reason and most recently we express our gratitude most recently to the following among many others:

Jennifer Henion –For her Leadership as the Board Chair with an MBA, Chamber Connections and valuable insights overall.
Charlie Tacinelli – Along with his role as a Board Member we are Fortunate that Charlie loves promoting events.
Anthony Verano –Anthony is also a Board Member. He has provided our new Web Template and is the Marketing Coordinator for TownSquare Media.
Jonathan Dickau – Jonathan has been a valuable resource for many years and recently provided Expert wordsmithing which will appear on our new web site.
Karl Koeller – We appreciate that Karl has provided us with his Graphics, Administrative and other forms of support over many years.
Tim Millard – Tim has also been an incredible source of support and Inspiration ever since he was a student then beginning again with the First Museum.
Mikayla Millard – We express our gratitude to Mikayla for capturing the wonderful and professional Images at our Events.
Suraj Malhotra – Suraj also has an MBA and has spent a considerable amount of time in the ideation of our endeavors.
Alan and Vicki Levine – For their extremely professional Photographic experience and Passion as well as their loan of Photographic Equipment.
Kevin McCurdy - We treasure the Expertise of Kevin, Holly and Tyler from ImagineArt Studios create our Displays with Animatronic Robots and much more.
Stephan Brown – We have come to rely on Stephan’s extremely valuable oversight to transform the operation into a World Class entity.
Jason Kramer – We are fortunate to have met Jason who possesses a Creative, Talented and Diverse skill set derived from a former NYC presence.
Tamas Makai – Tamas helps to propel our Operation forward as an expert in all forms of IT and web site design.