Creating the World of Tomorrow

Our History of Inspiring Children

Introduction - American Science and Technology Center (ASTC) is creating an Economic Driver for the NY – Tri State region and beyond!

Objective ASTC seeks to elevate Science and Technology with the creation of the “World of Tomorrow”... a “Disneyesque” Edutainment Center designed to recapture the imagination of all ages and provide a ground breaking educational experience.

Organizational History
American Science and Technology Center (ASTC) enjoys a long history and track record of accomplishments, including National coverage prior to this new exciting phase. The Classroom of the Future, DBA Spaceship Discovery, was created in 1995 and then incorporated in 1999. In 1995, Floyd Holt and his Physics students, created the world’s first Spaceship Classroom - The First of its kind High-Tech, Space Station style classroom with a unified theme. In 2000, all of the equipment was transitioned to 2 iterations of the Spaceship Discovery Center until 2004.  American Sci-Tech Center seeks to create a Prototype in 2017 for the proposed American Sci-Tech Center Campus in East Fishkill, NY.  The ASTC Organization may be based in the Hudson Valley Region of NY State, but has local, regional, national and perhaps, worldwide goals

The World of Tomorrow

World of Tomorrow In the future, America will be defined by our Innovation. This means that we must prepare for jobs of the future. Many of these do not exist such as Cyber terrorism, Robotics and more.

The Importance of Education - However the US ranks 26th in the World in Science and Math and 30th in Education requiring action to be taken to regain an edge and restore U.S. leadership.

Hudson Valley Campus Concept Our unique plan is to create a “One-Stop Educational Campus” that’s main function is to prepare students at all levels for careers in STEAM.

Innovation and Technology Driver -  Thus, our unique creation will serve American students K - College in order to help America create the expertise needed to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century.

Importance Background and Projects

The future well-being of the United States depends upon continuing innovation in the development and use of advanced technologies. Essential to this progress is linkage between science and technology in the classroom and applications of technology in industry and everyday life. There is also a growing need for increased public awareness of the nature and significance of those technologies that are affecting life today and shaping the future.

  • Inspire students and teachers with hands-on exhibits and lab experiences with applications of technology from industry and everyday life.
  • Enable local families, individuals, and visitors from here and around the world to discover new insights into technology and the process of innovation through exploratory activities.